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Victors Experience

For Michigan Engineering

Web Application with custom CMS

The Michigan Engineering Victors Experience is an exercise in alumni connection. We have a ton of cool content at the University, and we wanted to try and target that content more intelligently. This site allows a user to customize their content based on their own preferences.

Tech involved:

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Javsacript & jQuery with asynchronous database requests
  • MySQL
  • External APIs (facebook login)

When a user first logs in, they are given some content options:

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Here's the other thing: we employ people who know certain alumni really well. Some of these people are fairly high profile, and we already know what they're interested in. So we created accounts for them using a custom CMS to input what types of content we anticipated them liking.

We also needed a CMS to input the content itself, as well as a script to import CSV data.

After all that, we integrated a Facebook login and secondary PHP-based login system for user management.

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